Development days

Jazz imageA Great Opportunity

Jazz clubs in the North held two “Development Days” in Leeds on 27 and 29 March.

The following feedback was received:



“Independent jazz promoters often feel isolated, unsupported and overworked in doing what appears to be more a burdensome than fun. So the Development days for northern independent jazz clubs – the second of which were held in Leeds on 27 and 29 March were a useful bit of support. Funded by the Arts Council the idea was to encourage clubs to look at things like audience development, marketing, working with schools and fundraising. A useful innovation this time is that clubs actually got face to face consultation with four experts in the field, so could concentrate on their own specific problems – a bit like a doctor’s surgery for jazz clubs! The next suggested topic is using Social Media better. Watch this space!”

The consultants were Helen Dunnett, Janet Dunnett, Anna Franks, Colette Dutot, Sandra Marcy, Pam Pfrommer,

Thanks to them for their help!