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jazz funktion Batley Jazz29/05/09Funk, Soul or Groove
Zuntz Quartet & Sam Jackson Group Svarc 5/06/12Open Mic or Jam Session
Zoe Rahman www.zoerahman.comSeven Jazz 5/03/09Modern
Zoe Gilby 12/08/12Vocal Jazz
Yoruba Jazz 19/09/10Latin, Bossa or Salsa
Yorkshire Saxophone Choir Chapel Centre for the Arts 14/11/09Big Band
World Service Basement Bar 7/12/11BeBop, Hard Bop
Winstons Pennine Jazz in the Spa 5/02/11Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
William and Naomi - Piano Bar Milano!  www.williamnaomi.comSalvo\'s 11/05/10Dinner Jazz
Will Vinson / Tom Cawley Quartet  www.willvinson.comSheffield Jazz 21/10/11Modern
Will Howard Quintet Cooler at Sela Bar3/10/11Modern
Will Collier Septet Jazz 4/12/09Modern
Wildflower - celebrating the music of Wayne Shorter Jazz Leeds 24/02/13Creative, Contemporary
Wildbirds & Peacedrums Assembly Room28/11/09Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Whitehead / Gee Quartet Jazz 1/06/12Creative, Contemporary
White Eagles Jazz Band  no website link - Search GoogleJazz in the Spa 12/02/11Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
We Free Kings Jazz Leeds 10/10/10Modern
Wabash Jazzmen In The Spa 27/10/12Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
WARA (London) + Fayth Hope (USA) Lubi 17/05/13Funk, Soul or Groove
Urban Latino  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz Festival Fringe 22/09/10
Unpopular Music  no website link - Search GoogleRinkadon 14/01/09Cutting-edge + Improvisation
University of York Jazz Orchestra with Julian Arguelles  no website link - Search GoogleUniversity of York Concert Series 12/06/09Big Band
University of York Jazz Orchestra  no website link - Search GoogleNational Centre for Early Music (NCEM) York21/06/13Big Band
University of Strathclyde Big Band featuring Mike Walker  www.subbjazz.comWakefield Jazz 14/03/09Big Band
Unity Quartet  unityquartet.bandcamp.comJazz at the Lescar12/09/12Creative, Contemporary
Unfurl Jazz 15/02/09Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
Ulric h Elbracht/Jami Sheriff Quintet Bar 30/10/12Creative, Contemporary
UK Mingus Collective - A pre-season warm-up gig Jazz 3/10/10BeBop, Hard Bop
Tyratarantis Wardrobe 29/07/10Modern
Turner / Danzig Jazz Duo  no website link - Search GoogleThe Wardrobe 2/09/10Vocal Jazz
Trudy Kerr Quartet  www.trudykerr.comDean Clough Jazz13/02/09Vocal Jazz
Trudy Kerr  http://www.trudykerr.comWakefield Jazz 24/05/13Vocal Jazz
Troyka Spin Off 1/10/09Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Trish Clowe's Tangent ft. Gwilym Simcock  www.trishclowes.comLeeds College of Music6/10/12Creative, Contemporary
Trio Wah!  no website link - Search GoogleSheffield Jazz 6/05/11Modern
Trio North with John Etheridge  www.johnetheridge.comScarborough Jazz27/11/13Creative, Contemporary
Trio Libero North 10/05/12Modern
Trio Gitan 16/09/12Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Trichotomy and Dave Kane  www.trichotomymusic.comLIMA 18/02/11Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Tribute to Pepper Adams with Gary Smulyan and the Yorkshire Jazz Orchestra  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz Leeds 23/11/12Big Band
Tribute to Chet Ensemble  no website link - Search GoogleJazz at the Lescar16/06/10Modern
Tribute to Atlantic Jazz Allerton Festival6/09/09
Trefor Williams and the Usual Suspects with Christine Tyrrell  no website link - Search GoogleJazz In The Spa 6/04/13Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Trefor Owen  www.treforowen.comLescar Jazz Club 21/10/09Modern
Tournesol trio Jazz 4/05/12Creative, Contemporary
Tori Freestone Trio  www.torifreestone.comThe Cooler at Sela25/03/13Creative, Contemporary
Tony Woods Lyric Ensemble with Nikki Iles Jazz 26/04/13Creative, Contemporary
Tony Kofi's Standard Time with support from Solaris  www.tonykofimusic.comSeven Jazz 30/09/10BeBop, Hard Bop
Tony Kofi Quartet Plays Monk Jazz 21/01/09BeBop, Hard Bop
Tony Faulkner's Yorkshire Jazz Orchestra  www.tonyfaulkner.netSeven Jazz Leeds 20/10/11Big Band
Tony Burchilltonyburcherello.comScarborough Jazz12/05/10Modern
with the Mike Gordon Trio  
Tommy Smith's Karma Jazz 7/10/11Modern
Tommy Saville Organisation  no website link - Search GoogleWorksop Library 11/09/12Modern
Tommaso Starace Quintet featuring Damon Brown  www.tommasostarace.comWakefield Jazz 15/02/13BeBop, Hard Bop
Tom Thorp's Mercury Jazz 29/06/12Creative, Contemporary
Tom Harrison  www.tomharrisonsax.comScarborough Jazz17/07/13Creative, Contemporary
Tom Gibbs Quartet feat. Will Vinson Cooler at Sela26/11/12Modern
Tom Cawleys Curios Jazz 9/04/10Modern
Todd Gordon and the Great American Songbook  www.toddgordon.comHuddersfield Jazz19/03/11Vocal Jazz
Toby Greenwood's We Free Kings 6/01/12Creative, Contemporary
Tipitina Jazz 18/11/11Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Tina May with the Nikki Iles trio Jazz Leeds 22/03/12Vocal Jazz
Tina Featherstone with the Mike Gordon Trio Jazz16/02/11Modern
Time Zone Sextet  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz29/04/09Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
Tim Whitehead's Personal Standards Band Jazz 1/04/11Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Tim Thornton Quartet Jazz 12/04/13Creative, Contemporary
Tim Lapthorn Trio with Bobby Wellins Jazz 9/11/12Modern
Tim Kliphuis Trio Courthouse21/02/10Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Tim Garland's Lighthouse Trio  www.timgarland.comWakefield Jazz 23/01/09Modern
Tim Franks Quartet  n/aJATPjazz 1/03/13Creative, Contemporary
Threeway  www.jazz-cat.comScarborough Jazz Festival25/09/10
Threads Orchestra  www.threadsorchestra.comCBMDC/Bradford Theatres23/06/11Modern
Thom Whitworth  NoneScarborough Jazz23/05/12Modern
The Zappatistas Live  www.johnetheridge.comGrimsby Jazz 21/01/11Modern
The Wellins/Weller Quintet Jazz 11/12/09Modern
The Weave  theweavemusic.comWakefield Jazz 7/06/13Creative, Contemporary
The Unthanks  www.rachelunthank.comHoward Assembly Room2/12/09Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
The University of Sheffield "Music Players" Big Band  no website link - Search GoogleUniversity of Sheffield Real Music and Real Ale24/04/10
The United States of the North*  mingusmingusmingus.comSeven Jazz Leeds 22/04/12Modern
The Trevor Vincent Quartet  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz 22/03/09BeBop, Hard Bop
The Trashcan Collective Inn Jazz Club24/10/10Modern
The Tombo Trio Jazz 29/11/09Latin, Bossa or Salsa
The Temperance Seven  no website link - Search GoogleBig City Jazz 23/08/09
The Surinder Sandhu Band 28/10/10Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
The Steve Billy Buckley Trio Jazz 3/05/09Modern
The Snake Davis Band Jazz14/05/11Funk, Soul or Groove
The Simon Spillett Quartet  www.simonspillett.comGrimsby Jazz 9/12/10Modern
The Shakedown Jazz Band 4/12/09BeBop, Hard Bop
The Sarah Gillespie Trio  www.sarahgillespie.comSquare Chapel Centre for the Arts 6/02/11Vocal Jazz
The Samuel C Lees Quartet  no website link - Search GoogleUniversity of Sheffield Real Music and Real Ale24/04/10
The Ruth Getz Band Jazz 3/03/10Vocal Jazz
The Russell Van en Berg Quartet Spin Off 29/10/09Modern
The Ronnie Bottomley quartet featuring Vocalist Nicki Allan  www.nickiallan.comChris Walker 28/11/12Vocal Jazz
The Riley Stone Lonergan trio Jazz Leeds 16/01/11Modern
The Red Stripe Band  no website link - Search GoogleJazz In The Spa 20/04/13Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
The Quarter to 4 Band  no website link - Search GoogleGrimsby Jazz 9/06/11Modern
The Printmakers featuring Norma Winstone and Nikki Iles Jazz Leeds 30/05/13Creative, Contemporary
The Piero Tucci Quartet  no website link - Search GoogleGrimsby Jazz 23/04/09Modern
The Phil Meadows Quartet Inn Jazz Club10/05/09Modern
The Penguin Cafe Orchestra International Festival 13/07/09
The Pat McCarthy Quartet Jazz 20/08/09Modern
The Owl Ensemble  www.oliviolin.comThe Wardrobe 10/10/12Creative, Contemporary
The Organ Trio with Stan Sulzmann  no website link - Search GoogleDean Clough Jazz30/01/09Modern
The Ollie Hopkins Quartet Jazz 8/11/09Smooth Jazz
The Old Green River Band Live 27/11/10Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
The Oak Quintet  no website link - Search GoogleJazz at the Undercliffe17/05/12Modern
The Norma Winstone Sextet  www.normawinstone.comGrimsby Jazz 10/09/09Vocal Jazz
The Nicki Allan Quartet  www.nickiallan.comMarsden Jazz Festival17/09/11Vocal Jazz
The Necks  www.thenecks.comDean Clough Jazz21/05/09Cutting-edge + Improvisation
The Millenium Eagle Jazz Band Jazz Club29/06/09Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
The Mick Hutton Group Jazz 28/01/11Modern
The Melody Gears Band  no website link - Search GoogleThe Wardrobe 31/08/10Smooth Jazz
The Matt Nickson Trio Inn Jazz Club28/06/09BeBop, Hard Bop
The Mark Chandler Quintet  no website link - Search GoogleThe Picture House Jazz Club 7/03/11BeBop, Hard Bop
The Maria Dores Quartet + Jon Taylor Inn Jazz Club (no web link) 11/10/09Vocal Jazz
The Manhattan Sound Big Band featuring Vocalist Nicki Allan  www.nickiallan.comThe Square Chapel centre for the arts 19/10/11Big Band
The Magic Hat Ensemble Music 12/05/09Modern
The Lucas Dodd Quartet  no website link - Search GoogleThe Music Co-operative (no web link) 30/08/09Modern
The Louise Parker Quartet with special guest Alan Barnes Jazz16/05/09Vocal Jazz
The Louise Gibbs/Mark Chandler Bossa Band  www.33jazz.comSeven Jazz 15/11/09Latin, Bossa or Salsa
The Lewis Wright Quartet  www.lewiswright.netGrimsby Jazz 10/12/09Modern
The Legend of Mike Smith  no website link - Search GoogleDean Clough 1/12/12Creative, Contemporary
The Leeds Youth Jazz Rock Orchestra  no website link - Search GoogleCoopers Jazz Club30/04/09Big Band
The Lea DeLaria Trio  www.delariadammit.comGrimsby Jazz 1/10/09Vocal Jazz
The Labyrinth Quartet Inn Jazz Club25/07/10Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
The Kate Peters Septet  www.kate-peters.comGrove Inn Jazz Club27/03/11Vocal Jazz
The Kat Eaton Quartet at the Lescar20/10/10Vocal Jazz
The Karen Sharp Quartet  www.karensharp.comScarborough Jazz Festival25/09/10
The Kairos 4tet Jazz Festival 23/08/09
The Julie Edwards - Kevin Dearden Quintet  www.julieedwards.comHuddersfield Jazz14/11/09Vocal Jazz
The Jon Melville Quintet Inn Jazz Club27/06/10Modern
The John Law Trio Jazz 1/09/11Modern
The John Donaldson Sextet plays the music of Bheki Msekeku  www.johndonaldson.orgSeven Jazz Leeds 24/03/11Modern
The Jazzaholics  no website link - Search GoogleJazz In The Spa 10/11/12Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
The James Robinson Quartet featuring Robin Sunflower. Robinson 15/09/13Funk, Soul or Groove
The James Hamilton Jazz Orchestra College of Music3/12/09Big Band
The Impossible Gentlemen  www.impossiblegentlemen.comSeven Jazz Leeds 23/06/12Creative, Contemporary
The Howard Walker Quintet  no website link - Search GoogleThe Picture House Jazz Club 7/02/11Vocal Jazz
The Guy Barker International Quintet  no website link - Search GoogleGrassington Festival22/06/09
The Grove Inn Jazz Club 7th Birthday Inn Jazz Club8/03/09Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
The Gordon Tetley Big Band (no web link) 1/01/70Big Band
The Good Dog Happy Band  no website link - Search GoogleThe Churches Conservation Trust In association with Festival on the Moor. 15/08/10Funk, Soul or Groove
The Georgia Mancio Quartet Jazz 12/12/08
The Gareth Lochrane Septet  no website link - Search GoogleSheffield Jazz 23/10/09Modern
The Fry Aagre Quartet 25/11/10Modern
The Fruit Tree Band Jazz 12/04/09Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
The Forest New Orleans Jazz Band at the Undercliffe3/05/12Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
The Five Corners Quintet  www.thefivecornersquintet.comDean Clough Jazz15/10/09Modern
The Exchange Orchestra - Monk Lives!  theexchangeorchestra.bandcamp.comJazz at the Lescar22/08/12Creative, Contemporary
The European Union Quartet  no website link - Search GoogleGrove Inn Jazz Club14/06/09BeBop, Hard Bop
The Eduardo Niebla Experience  www.eduardoniebla.comStephen Joseph Theatre23/07/09Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
The Eastern Area Schools Youth Jazz Orchestra  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz Festival Fringe 25/09/10
The Dylan Howe Quintet Jazz 10/02/11Modern
The Don Donnelly Sextet Mad Hatters 27/07/13Modern
The Djangonauts Vaults Jazz 8/02/09Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
The Dizzy Club Jazz Club13/07/09Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
The Dave Walsh 5  www.davewalsh.netJATP 8/01/10Modern
The Dave Newton Trio Jazz16/04/11Modern
The Daryl Sherman Trio  www.darylsherman.comHuddersfield Jazz23/03/10Vocal Jazz
The Darlington Big Band  no website link - Search GoogleChris Powls 16/09/11big band
The Dan Collective at the Lescar 1/01/09Funk, Soul or Groove
The Dagda Quartet at the Lescar25/08/10Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
The Cooler presents Wild Flower Quartet Cooler 18/03/13Creative, Contemporary
The Cooler presents The Allsorts Cooler 11/03/13Creative, Contemporary
The Cobra Club  no website link - Search GoogleNational Centre for Early Music 26/10/13Vocal Jazz
The Claire James Trio (change of artist)  http://clairejames.bandcamp.comJATPjazz 1/02/13Modern
The Chris Biscoe Quartet featuring Tony Kofi Jazz20/02/10Modern
The Chet Baker Project  no website link - Search GoogleJazz Live! 20/01/09Vocal Jazz
The Cat Pack Academy Theatre7/08/09Big Band
The Cactus of Knowledge - Rabih Abou-Khalil + On the Road With (Ellery Eskelin)  no website link - Search GoogleLeeds Jazz 26/10/09
The CTI Project Courthouse 7/05/10Funk, Soul or Groove
The Burden of Paradise Jazz 9/05/09Vocal Jazz
The Brian Acton Trio  no website link - Search GoogleGrove Inn Jazz Club22/02/09Modern
The Boptet  no website link - Search GoogleEnigma Music 26/05/09BeBop, Hard Bop
The Bobby Wellins Quartet Jazz 30/07/09Modern
The Blues Experience Joseph Rowntree Theatre 18/01/09Blues
The Blues Collective with Bob Haddrell Jazz Leeds 20/03/11Blues
The Benn Clatworthy Quartet Jazz 30/10/10BeBop, Hard Bop
The Belle Quintet  no website link - Search GoogleGrove Inn Jazz Club9/01/11Modern
The Beat Merchants  no website link - Search GoogleUniversity of Sheffield Real Music and Real Ale24/04/10
The Base Quartet  no website link - Search GoogleSam Newbould (no web link) 7/08/10Modern
The Barry Whitfield Experience  no website link - Search GoogleGrimsby Jazz 25/06/09Modern
The Bannau Trio  www.nialynn.comSheffield Jazz 3/04/09Vocal Jazz
The Andy Panayi Quartet Jazz17/10/09Modern
The Andy Colman Quartet  www.andrewcolman.comGrimsby Jazz 19/02/09Modern
The Alpha Manoeuve at the Lescar17/08/11Funk, Soul or Groove
The Allsorts 9/09/12Creative, Contemporary
The Alice Coulam Quintet at the Picture House2/04/12Vocal Jazz
The Alex McKown Band of Sheffield Real Music and Real Ale24/04/10
The Alan Barnes Octet  www.alanbarnesjazz.comSheffield Jazz 13/11/09Big Band
Tessa Smith Quartet  no website link - Search GoogleJazz at the Lescar11/08/10Vocal Jazz
Terry Seabrook's Milestones  www.terryseabrookmusic.comWakefield Jazz 14/01/11BeBop, Hard Bop
Terri Shaltiel and Band Wardrobe 11/09/10Funk, Soul or Groove
Tees Valley Jazzmen In The Spa 3/11/12Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Tarantismo Jazz Leeds 28/10/12Latin, Bossa or Salsa
Take Five with Jenny Smith  jennysmith.bandcamp.comJazz at the Undercliffe10/05/12Modern
Taba Time  www.tabatime.comJATP 2/11/12Creative, Contemporary
T J Johnson and his Band in the Spa 5/10/13Vocal Jazz
Swing of Things Bandroom & Marsden Jazz Festival5/10/12Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Swing Foundation  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz 28/06/09Big Band
Swing Commanders in the Spa 30/11/13Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Swing City Trio  no website link - Search GoogleJazz in the Spa 9/05/09Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Sweet Chorus Jazz Leeds 18/04/13Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Sue Richardson and "Too Cool" the music of Chet Baker Jazz Leeds 5/04/12Vocal Jazz
Subitango Truck Theatre21/06/09Latin, Bossa or Salsa
Stuart McDonald Jazz 2/11/11Modern
Stuart McCallum  www.stuartmccallum.comEnigma Music 10/11/09Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Stringle and The Dream Band  www.julianmarcstringle.comLate Music at NCEM20/11/10weekend
Storms / Nocturnes  www.timgarland.comSheffield Jazz 2/04/11Modern
Stevie Williams at The Puzzle15/09/09Funk, Soul or Groove
Steve Waterman Quintet Jazz23/01/10Modern
Steve Phillips + Andy Cholerton Organ Trio  no website link - Search GoogleCoopers Jazz Club10/05/09Blues
Steve Oakes Quartet  no website link - Search GoogleEnigma Music 8/12/09BeBop, Hard Bop
Steve Melling / Clark Tracey Special Septet Jazz 2/03/12BeBop, Hard Bop
Steve Keogh Quartet with Michael Buckley  no website link - Search GoogleWakefield Jazz 4/12/09Modern
Steve Hanley  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz Leeds 8/09/13Creative, Contemporary
Steve Hanley Quartet  no website link - Search GoogleWakefield Jazz 6/09/13Creative, Contemporary
Steve Grossman / Damon Brown Quintet  no website link - Search GoogleDean Clough Jazz18/09/09Modern
Steve Chadwick Quartet Jazz 18/11/09Modern
Steve Buckley Trio at The Lescar11/02/09Funk, Soul or Groove
Stephane Kerecki Trio and Tony Malaby  no website link - Search GoogleDean Clough Music17/06/10Modern
Steely Dan Big Band directed by Katie Patterson  www.katiedpatterson.comSeven Jazz Leeds 7/10/12Big Band
Standard Deviation Quartet Jazz Leeds 10/11/13Creative, Contemporary
Stacey Kent: Chanteuse De Jazz  www.staceykent.comHarrogate Theatre 3/06/12Vocal Jazz
Sportinghouse Strings  no website link - Search GoogleJazz in the Spa 30/05/09Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Spirit of New Orleans  no website link - Search GoogleJazz in the Spa 6/06/09Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Speeq + Omnivore Jazz 23/10/09
South London Jazz Orchestra + Dales Jam 2/05/09BeBop, Hard Bop
South African Gospel Singers supported by Hull City Council 24/07/11Vocal Jazz
Souled Out Band Chapel Arts27/02/10Funk, Soul or Groove
Sonny Simmons Quartet  sonnnysimmons.orgNotes & Sounds 2/05/10Modern
Sonic Stories Orchestra Spin Off 6/05/10Modern
Son Tropical Inn Jazz Club9/08/09Latin, Bossa or Salsa
Somethin' Else 16/12/11BeBop, Hard Bop
Snarky Puppy  www.snarkypuppy.comSnarky Puppy / Faversham7/04/12Funk, Soul or Groove
Skipton Big Bands - Swing by the River  no website link - Search GoogleGrassington Festival21/06/09
Skamel Jazz 25/10/12Creative, Contemporary
Six in a Bar + Rosie In The Spa 20/07/13Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Simulation Big Band of York 8/03/12Big Band
Simon Spillett Quartet  www.simonspillett.comNCEM Jazz 8/05/09BeBop, Hard Bop
Simon Read Quartet Lento 26/10/12Creative, Contemporary
Simon Purcell's Quintet with Julian Seigel and support from Mila Dores Quartet  www.simonpurcell.wordpress.comSeven Jazz 14/10/10Modern
Simon Purcell Quintet  www.simonpurcell.comSheffield Jazz 15/10/10Modern
Simon Mulcaster Trio Music 9/06/09Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Simon Kaylor  www.simonkaylor.comScarborough Jazz 1/08/12Creative, Contemporary
Sid Alan Big Band  no website link - Search GoogleAckroyd Street Working Mens\' Club (no web link) 1/01/70Big Band
Si Kaylor / Jamil Sheriff Quartet  www.jamilsheriff.comSeven Jazz 7/06/09Modern
Si Beddoe tribute to Donald Byrd@Seven Arts  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz Leeds 8/12/13Funk, Soul or Groove
Shirley Lewis sings Bluesy Jazz  www.shirleylewis.moonfruit.comShirley Lewis 30/10/10Vocal Jazz
Sheffield University Big Band Jazz 1/11/13Big Band
Shanti Paul Jayasinha  www.shantijazz.comWakefield Jazz 30/10/09Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
Shadowball Theatre 12/07/12Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Seven Jazz Swing Festival - Djangonauts Jazz Leeds 9/12/12Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Seven Jazz Swing Festival - Alligator Gumbo Jazz Leeds 16/12/12Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Seb Pipe's Life Experience  www.sebpipe.comLescar Jazz Club 25/11/09Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Sean Hollis and the Mike Gordon Trio  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz 4/03/09BeBop, Hard Bop
Seamus Blake with the Mark McKnight organ trio Jazz Leeds 22/09/11Modern
Scott Hamilton with Alan Barnes and the Dave Newton Trio  www.alanbarnesjazz.comSeven Jazz Leeds 19/01/12Mainstream
Scenes in the City - the music of Charlie Mingus Jazz Leeds 19/05/11Modern
Scarborough Jazz Festival  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz Festival18/09/09
Savannah Jazz Band  www.savannahjazzband.netJazz in the Spa 10/10/09Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Savanna Jazz Band (charity evening in aid of British Polio Fellowship)  www.savannahjazzband.netJazz in the Spa 3/07/10Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Sarah Mitchell and her band Jazz 23/05/10Vocal Jazz
Sarah Bennett Quartet at the Lescar14/09/11Vocal Jazz
Sara Littlefield Music Ltd 13/10/09Modern
Sara Dowling and Band Grove Inn Jazz Club9/05/10Vocal Jazz
Sara Colman Jazz Quartet  www.saracolman.comThe Sands 23/01/10Vocal Jazz
Sandra Pehrsson, Matt Ball & the Ken Butler Trio  no website link - Search GoogleJazz at the UCC 28/01/09Vocal Jazz
Sample and Hold Music Ltd 27/10/09Funk, Soul or Groove
Sammy Rimington + Rae Brothers New Orleans Jazz Band  www.sammyrimington.comJazz at the Spa 21/11/09Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Samay  no website link - Search GoogleHull Jazz Festival 30/08/09
Sam Wain of Sheffield Real Music and Real Ale24/04/10
Sam Thornton  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz30/10/13Creative, Contemporary
Sam Leak's Jazz Leeds 7/04/13Creative, Contemporary
Sam Gardner Quartet  no website link - Search GoogleThe Wardrobe 22/07/10Modern
Sam Dunn Organ Trio Bar 6/11/12Creative, Contemporary
Sam Crockatt Quartet Jazz 5/12/08
Sam Coombes Quartet  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz Leeds 24/04/11Modern
Saltsong with Andy Wood, Dave Kane, Rommi Smith & the Institute for Crazy Dancing  www.davekanemusic.comiMove & Fusebox 6/09/13Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Salseology  www.salseology.comDJ Lubi & Fabio Bahia2/08/13Latin, Bossa or Salsa
Salsa Como Loco Jazz 8/05/11Latin, Bossa or Salsa
Sally Doherty Quintet  www.sallydoherty.comJATP 6/03/09Vocal Jazz
Salfield / Chandler Quartet Jazz Club 19/08/09Modern
Salerosa Cuban Fusion Truck Theatre17/07/09Latin, Bossa or Salsa
SPACE F!GHT + THE SMITHS PROJECT  www.spcfght.bandcamp.comFUSEBOX 26/10/12Cutting-edge + Improvisation
SONANDO LIBRE  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz Leeds 5/05/13Latin, Bossa or Salsa
Ryan Quigley Sextet Jazz 13/03/09BeBop, Hard Bop
Ruth Culver and the Utter:Jazz Quartet Centre for Early Music 17/10/13Creative, Contemporary
Russell van Den Berg Music Ltd 20/10/09Modern
Russell Henderson Quartet at the Lescar17/03/10Modern
Russell Bennett  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz 5/10/11Modern
Ruby Wood with Rod Mason's "Elements"  www.rubywood.netSeven Jazz 1/11/09Vocal Jazz
Ruby Wood Quintet  no website link - Search GoogleJATP 19/12/08Vocal Jazz
Ruby Turner  www.rubyturner.comHull Truck Theatre31/05/09Funk, Soul or Groove
Roy Williams with the Pat McCarthy Band  no website link - Search GoogleGrimsby Jazz 22/01/09Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Round Trip  no website link - Search GoogleJazz at the Lescar24/06/09Modern
Rosie Brown Quartet Music at NCEM6/11/10Vocal Jazz
Ros Lewis and BAJA  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz 13/12/09Vocal Jazz
Ronny Bottomley's Quintessential 5  no website link - Search GoogleJazz at The Lescar25/02/09BeBop, Hard Bop
Ron Burnett & Martin Boyd  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz24/10/12Modern
Rommi Smith and the Fruit Tree Project Jazz Leeds 31/10/10Vocal Jazz
Roller Trio  www.rollertrio.comYorkshire Live Music Project 25/03/12Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Roger Higgins & Gary Boyle 7/11/12Blues
Rodina/Joe Tatton Trio  www.rodinamusic.comDJ Lubi (Lubi Jovanovic)12/02/12Vocal Jazz
Rod Masons Elements  www.roomdarkener.netJazz at Puzzle Hall10/03/09Funk, Soul or Groove
Robin Porter  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz26/06/13Creative, Contemporary
Robin Nolan with the Djangonauts at the Lescar16/03/11Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Roberto Fonseca International Festival 12/07/09
Robert Mitchell  www.robertmitchellmusic.comDean Clough Music28/10/10Modern
Robert Glasper Experiment North 23/05/12Modern
Robert Castelli's Boom Quartet Jazz 4/10/13Modern
Robert Carson Quintet  no website link - Search GoogleBradford Cathedral21/06/13Modern
Rob McGrath and Thom Whitworth  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz13/11/13Creative, Contemporary
Rob Lavers with the Mike Gordon Trio  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz22/04/09Modern
Road Worn  no website link - Search GoogleJazz at the Lescar 6/01/10Modern
Ripon Grammar School Big Band Jazz 24/06/11Big Band
Riley Stone-Lonergan trio Jazz Leeds 8/04/12Creative, Contemporary
Richie Binns and the Mike Gordon Trio  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz 9/09/09Modern
Richard Wetherall Trio Jazz 8/02/09Modern
Richard Leach's Seven Stars of Jazz In The Spa 9/03/13Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Richard Iles  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz Leeds 24/11/13Creative, Contemporary
Rich Arthurs Saudade  no website link - Search GooglePave 2/09/12Latin, Bossa or Salsa
Rich Adams & Tom Townsend  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz19/10/11Vocal Jazz
Ria Moran & Dave Kendal Cricket Club11/01/12Vocal Jazz
Reuben Fowler Group 8/02/09Modern
Renato D'Aiello Quartet with Rachel Gould  www.renatodaiello.altervista.orgWakefield Jazz 27/01/12Vocal Jazz
Ray Gelato and the Giants  no website link - Search GoogleHull Jazz Festival 28/08/09
Rango Collective (Egypt)  no website link - Search GoogleHull City Council 11/07/10
Rafiki Jazz Courthouse26/02/10Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
Rafael Karlen Quintet  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz Leeds 9/09/12Creative, Contemporary
Rachel's Dream with John Hallam & Tom Kincaid  no website link - Search GoogleJazz In The Spa 2/03/13Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Rachel Mussons Skein  www.rachelmusson.comHX7 Jazz Club 11/04/11Cutting-edge + Improvisation
ROYST TRIO + METAMORPHIC  www.roystrio.comDIY 17/06/13Creative, Contemporary
REMI HARRIS TRIO featuring Matt Holborn Jazz Leeds 12/05/13Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Quinteto Mambo Jambo Jazz 29/11/09Latin, Bossa or Salsa
Quentin Collins / Brandon Allen Quartet  www.quentincollins.comWakefield Jazz 18/03/11BeBop, Hard Bop
Profound Sound Trio  no website link - Search GoogleLeeds Jazz 22/11/09Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Printmakers  no website link - Search GoogleSheffield Jazz 17/05/13Creative, Contemporary
Preston Reed - Fretboard Phenomenon  www.prestonreed.comSquare Chapel Centre for the Arts 17/09/09Blues
Preston - Glasgow - Lowe  no website link - Search GoogleSheffield Jazz 21/08/13Creative, Contemporary
Polar Bear  www.polarbearmusic.comHoward Assembly Room27/11/09Creative, Contemporary
Plinio Dourado - The Brazilian Spirit of Jazz  no website link - Search GoogleLescar Jazz Club 30/09/09Latin, Bossa or Salsa
Pinski Zoo  www.jankopinski.comSheffield Jazz 22/11/13Creative, Contemporary
Pink Freud with Pete Wareham & Baaba Assembly Room14/05/09Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Phronesis  www.phronesismusic.comWakefield Jazz 18/05/12Creative, Contemporary
Philip Clouts Quartet Jazz11/03/09Funk, Soul or Groove
Phil Robson's Six Strings and the Beat Jazz 20/02/09Modern
Phil Minton's Feral Choir 1/05/09
Phil Meadows Quintet  www.philmeadowsmusic.comJATPjazz 15/03/13Creative, Contemporary
Peter King Quartet  peterkingjazz.comWakefield Jazz 11/02/11Modern
Peter Grant  no website link - Search GoogleBig City Jazz 23/08/09
Pete Oxley / Daryl Jahnke quartet  www.peteoxley.comWakefield Jazz 23/10/09Modern
Pete Lyons  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz21/08/13Modern
Pete Lee Quartet 'Narcissus'  no website link - Search GoogleThe Cooler at Sela10/12/12Creative, Contemporary
Pete Churchill Trio Jazz 26/02/10Vocal Jazz
Pepa Molina (Flamenco/Jazz) International Festivals 1/07/11Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
Pee Wee Ellis Funk Assembly supported by Hull City Council 23/07/11Funk, Soul or Groove
Peadar Longs Celestial Echoes  no website link - Search GoogleArtspace at Bradford Cathedral 18/09/09Modern
Pave Jazz Jam  no website link - Search GooglePave 1/01/70Open Mic or Jam Session
Paul Towndrows Newology Jazz 26/02/10Modern
Paul Booth Quintet  no website link - Search GoogleSheffield Jazz 15/03/13Creative, Contemporary
Paul Baxter Trio  no website link - Search GoogleJ-Night / Pave 7/12/08
Pat McCarthy  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz 2/12/09Modern
Pat Bourne Band Wardrobe, Leeds30/07/09Funk, Soul or Groove
Pasadena Roof Orchestra in the Spa 29/10/09Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Partikel Jazz 8/09/10Modern
Paragon  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz 31/01/10Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Papa Pider's Jazz Band In The Spa 20/10/12Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Panjumby Connection 15/05/09Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
Panayi / Nightingale quartet plus Dave Newton Jazz 18/02/11Modern
Paloma Faith International Festivals 14/07/11Vocal Jazz
PMQ Jazz 24/01/10Modern
PAUL BAXTER QUARTET  paulbaxterquartet.bandcamp.comJatpJazz 15/11/13Modern
Owl Ensemble Bar 26/07/12Creative, Contemporary
Outhouse Ruhabi Jazz 22/10/09
Otriad  no website link - Search GoogleJazz at the Lescar29/05/13Creative, Contemporary
Osian Roberts / Steve Fishwick Quintet Jazz 6/02/09BeBop, Hard Bop
Orla Murphy sings Stevie Wonder  www.orlamurphy.netSuqare Chapel Centre for the Arts 24/06/12Vocal Jazz
Organic Trio  www.wendykirkland.comLescar Jazz Club 12/08/09Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Orfeo 5 Cafe Bar 27/11/09Electronic
Orchestra of the Upper Atmosphere & Metamorphic 3/04/12Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Omar Puentes Cuba sextet  no website link - Search GoogleHull Jazz Festival 29/08/09
Olivia Moore Quartet Jazz Club 3/12/08
Octopus  no website link - Search GooglePave 15/02/09Big Band
OLLIE HOWELL QUINTET 4/10/13Creative, Contemporary
Nut Club Jazz 28/08/13Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Nubiyan Twist + Tess Hirst Jovanovic 25/03/12Funk, Soul or Groove
Nova Scotia Jazz Band with Roy Williams In The Spa 6/10/12Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Nova Scotia Jazz Band in the Spa 19/06/10Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Notts Youth Jazz Orchestra Combo  no website link - Search GoogleWorksop Library 11/12/12Modern
Northern Soul + Snake Davis and the Suspicions Live 4/12/10Funk, Soul or Groove
Nik Svarc at the Lescar25/07/12Creative, Contemporary
Nigel Price Organ Trio  www.nigelprice.bizScarborough Jazz Festival24/09/10
Nicolas Meier Group  www.meiergroup.comHX7 Jazz 22/11/12Creative, Contemporary
Nicola Farnon Trio at the UCC 22/04/09Vocal Jazz
Nicola Emmanuelle and the Dirty Martinis  www.nicolaemmanuelle.comWakefield Jazz 14/12/12Vocal Jazz
Nicki Allan Jazz Sextet  www.nickiallan.comThe Grove Inn Jazz Club25/01/09Vocal Jazz
Nick Weldon Trio  www.nickweldon.comGrimsby Jazz 20/05/10Modern
Nick Mills and the Blue Note Project  no website link - Search GoogleBig City Jazz 22/08/09
Nick Fletcher Quintet  no website link - Search GoogleJATP 6/02/09BeBop, Hard Bop
Nick Browne's Somethin' Else, the music of Cannonball Adderley Jazz Leeds 11/12/11BeBop, Hard Bop
Nicholas Meier Group with Gilad Atzmon  www.meiergroup.comSeven Jazz 11/11/10Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
Nic Svark Organ Trio Jazz Leeds 11/09/11Funk, Soul or Groove
New York Brass Band of Shopkeepers4/06/12Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Nette Robinson and the Little Big Band  www.netterobinson.comHuddersfield Jazz22/05/10Modern
Neon Jazz 25/11/11Modern
Neil Yates Trio Clough Jazz28/03/12Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
National Youth Jazz Orchestra / Big Band Christmas Jazz 12/12/08
Naomi White and the Music Co-operative Quartet Music Co-operative (no web link) 20/12/09Smooth Jazz
Myrtle George with the Phil Johnson Quartet at the Lescar 7/04/10Vocal Jazz
Mulligan Soup  www.mulligansoup.comJATP 4/09/09BeBop, Hard Bop
Moss Project at the Lescar20/01/10Modern
Montuno  no website link - Search GoogleJazz at the Lescar16/01/13Funk, Soul or Groove
Millenium Jazz Band In The Spa 22/09/12Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Millenium Eagle Jazz Band  no website link - Search GoogleJazz In The Spa 16/03/13Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Milestones Sextet, celebrating the music of Miles Davis  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz12/01/11BeBop, Hard Bop
Mike Westerman  no website link - Search GoogleBatley Working Mens Club (no web link) 6/11/11Vocal Jazzs
Mike Walker  no website link - Search GoogleEnigma Music Ltd - Jazz Live! 13/01/09Modern
Mike Janisch's Jazz Workshop  www.michaeljanisch.comSeven Jazz 11/12/10Workshop
Mike Hope Quartet  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz 12/09/10BeBop, Hard Bop
Mike Dalys Rhythm Kings  no website link - Search GoogleJazz in the Spa 7/09/13Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Mike Cox Quintet  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz Leeds 24/10/10BeBop, Hard Bop
Mike Conlife Trio  no website link - Search GoogleJazz Connection 17/04/09Modern
Mike Chisnall Organ Trio  no website link - Search GoogleThe Cooler at Sela29/10/12Modern
Mikayo jazz quartet  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz Leeds 23/09/12Creative, Contemporary
Mick Hutton's Quartet Jazz Leeds 27/01/11Modern
Mick Donnelly  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz 3/08/11Modern
Michelle Montouri, Pete Conway and big band  no website link - Search GoogleThe Sands 30/01/10big band
Michael de Souza quartet Jazz Leeds 17/06/12Creative, Contemporary
Michael Sutton Quartet  www.jazzontheaire.webs.comJazz on the Aire 13/07/11Cruise
Michael Parker - from Stone Sole River of Sheffield Real Music and Real Ale24/04/10
Michael Janisch ~ Walter Smith III Project  www.waltersmithIII.comWakefield Jazz 1/02/13Creative, Contemporary
Michael Janisch and the New York Standards Quartet Jazz Leeds 19/04/12Creative, Contemporary
Michael Janisch "Purpose Built"  www.michaeljanisch.comSeven Jazz 9/12/10Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Michael Cretu Trio Bar 22/07/12Modern
Metamorphic Jazz 21/06/09Modern
Melling / Tracey Septet Jazz 5/06/09Modern
Mehliana Duo (Brad Mehldau/Mark Guiliana)  no website link - Search GoogleOpera North 13/03/13Creative, Contemporary
McCormack & Yarde Duo 23/10/11Modern
Matthew Postle with the Sad Sad Sextet and the Good Dogs  no website link - Search GoogleSpace 109 1/10/10Funk, Soul or Groove
Matthew Bourne  www.matthewbourne.comLeeds College of Music27/02/09Electronic
Matt Wates Sextet  www.mattwates.comWakefield Jazz 30/01/09BeBop, Hard Bop
Matt Smith  www.mattsmith.comScarborough Jazz 7/12/11Creative, Contemporary
Matt Robinson Quintet & Dave Hamblett Sextet Double Bill  www.mattrobinsonmusicWakefield Jazz 29/11/13Creative, Contemporary
Matt Roberts Quintet tribute to Miles Davis Jazz 4/10/09BeBop, Hard Bop
Matt Nickson's Riot 22/02/09Modern
Matt Gough Quintet  www.mattgoughmusic.comJATPjazz 4/05/12Creative, Contemporary
Matt Chandler Trio at the Lescar27/07/11Modern
Matt Ball Jazz 9/10/13Creative, Contemporary
Matt Anderson's Jazz Workshop 6/02/12Workshop
Matt Anderson Jazz25/01/12Mainstream
Mathias Eick Quartet Clough Jazz23/04/09Modern
Matana Roberts Quartet Jazz 3/04/09Modern
Martin Taylor/Alan Barnes Duo  www.martintaylor.comRichmond Jazz Festival15/09/12weekend
Martin Taylor's Spirit of Django  www.martintaylor.comScarborough Jazz Festival25/09/10
Martin Speake's Generations Jazz 7/02/09Modern
Martin Nickless with resident Trio  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz28/04/10BeBop, Hard Bop
Martin Jones Jazz23/03/11Modern
Martin Archer Percussion Quartet 31/03/12Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz in the Spa 15/01/11Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Marsden Jazz Festival 2012  www.marsdenjazzfestival.comMarsden Jazz Festival13/10/12
Mark Toomey  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz25/05/11Modern
Mark Nightingale with RGS Big Bands and York Jazz Trio Grammar School26/02/09Big Band
Mark Nightingale 24/02/09Modern
Mark Moraghan and trio  www.markmoraghan.comKula promotions / Wakefield Jazz 25/11/09Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Mark Lockheart Group Jazz 16/04/10Creative, Contemporary Modern
Mark Hodgkins  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz 6/04/11Modern
Mark Ellis  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz 6/11/13Creative, Contemporary
Mark Donlon Quartet  no website link - Search GoogleThe Cooler at Sela 3/12/12Creative, Contemporary
Mark Chandler trumpet  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz 2/03/11Smooth Jazz
Mark Chandler Jazz23/11/11Modern
Marcin Wasilewski Trio - Extra Special Gig Clough / Enigma Music 21/03/09Modern
Manhattan Sound Big Band 24/07/12Big Band
Malcom Strachan and Jim Corry with the ATA Studio Pit Band  no website link - Search GoogleBig City Jazz 22/08/09
Maine Street Jazzmen Arts Club19/03/10Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Magic Hat Ensemble at the Lescar14/04/10Modern
Maciek Pysz Trio supported by Hull City Council 31/07/11Modern
MYRTLE GEORGE / PHIL JOHNSON QUARTET  no website link - Search GoogleLescar Jazz 7/01/09Vocal Jazz
MC3 Inn Jazz Club8/02/09Modern
Lyn Acton Quartet 3/10/10Vocal Jazz
Lunar Saxophone Quartet Music 4/06/11Modern
Lulo Reinhardt & Friends  www.lulo-reinhardt-project.deThe Greystones 28/11/10Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
Luke Flowers Trio  no website link - Search GoogleJazz at the Lescar 9/01/13Creative, Contemporary
Loz Speyer's Time Zone Jazz 5/12/09Latin, Bossa or Salsa
Louise Gibbs with the Kirk Lightsey Trio College of Music25/03/09Vocal Jazz
Louis Moholo-Moholo 4  www.alexanderhawkins.comSheffield Jazz 25/10/13Creative, Contemporary
Louis Louis Louis!  louislouislouismusic.tumblr.comShakespeares Jazz Club4/10/12Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Los Guajiros  no website link - Search GoogleThe Wardrobe 27/08/10Latin, Bossa or Salsa
Los Cameradas Jazz Leeds 13/05/12Latin, Bossa or Salsa
Loretta Scott Quintet  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz 5/04/09Vocal Jazz
Liz Fletcher Band  lizfletcher.comWakefeld Jazz 19/03/10Vocal Jazz
Lightning Thieves  N/ASwaledale Festival24/05/12
Liane Carroll and her trio Jazz Leeds 18/10/12Vocal Jazz
Liam Noble 5 Jazz 18/10/13Creative, Contemporary
Let Spin at the Lescar 6/06/12Creative, Contemporary
Les Chisnell Trio  no website link - Search GoogleThe Spin Off 11/02/10Modern
Left Hand Trio  no website link - Search GoogleThe Wardrobe 10/09/10Funk, Soul or Groove
Leeds Youth Jazz Rock Orchestra (LYJRO) Jazz 3/07/09Big Band
Leeds University Big Band  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz Leeds 17/02/13Big Band
Leeds Jazz Rock Orchestra Jazz 24/07/11Big Band
Leeds College of Music Contemporary Big Band Jazz Leeds 6/05/12Creative, Contemporary
Leeds College of Music Big Band  no website link - Search GoogleLeeds College of Music7/05/09Big Band
Lee Jones Quintet  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz21/04/10Modern
Lee Hallam's Steel City Bones supported by Hull City Council 24/07/11Modern
Lee Gibson and Ronnie Bottomley Jazz Orchestra@Leeds Irish Centre Jazz Leeds 12/12/13Big Band
Led Bib + Royst Trio Spin Off 22/10/09Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Laurie Chescoe's Reunion Band  no website link - Search GoogleJazz In The Spa 17/11/12Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Laurie Briggs and the Music Co-operative Quartet Music Co-operative (no web link) 9/05/10Vocal Jazz
Laura Zakian  www.laurazakian.comLeeds College of Music27/10/12Vocal Jazz
Laura Jurds Landing Ground with the Ligeti string Quartet  www.laurajurd.comWakefield Jazz 8/11/13Creative, Contemporary
Laura Cole's Metamorphic Jazz Leeds 3/04/11Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Lara Rose and Ben Lowman Cricket Club28/03/12Vocal Jazz
Landermason Rural Touring (no web link) 19/03/10Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
Kyla Brox Festival 1/06/12
Krzysztof Urbanski  www.urbanskimusic.plScarborough Jazz19/06/13Creative, Contemporary
Kristian Borring Trio  www.kristianborring.comJazz at the Lescar26/01/11BeBop, Hard Bop
Kit Downes Trio Spin Off 21/01/10Modern
Kim Macari Quartet 2/12/11Modern
Kid Boyd Jazz Band  no website link - Search GoogleJazz in the Spa 28/11/09Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Kevin James band Jazz Leeds 11/07/10Smooth Jazz
Kevin Holbrough Quintet  www.kevinholbrough.moonfruit.comSeven Jazz Leeds 13/11/11BeBop, Hard Bop
Kevin Holbrough Jazz14/09/11Modern
Ken Vandermark / Paal Nilssen-Love Duo + Beck Hunters (Mick Beck) + Trans/Human Jukebox 22/10/13Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Keith Stephens Hot Club Trio  no website link - Search GoogleJazz at the Spa 2/07/11Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Kefaya featuring Giuliano Modarelli Jazz Leeds 15/04/12Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
Katie Patterson's Allsorts  www.katiedpatterson.comScarborough Jazz18/07/12Creative, Contemporary
Katie Hawcutt and Mike Conlife  no website link - Search GoogleOl' Penny Jazz (no web link) 1/10/09Pub jazz, Standards
Kate Williams quartet with Stan Sulzman  www.kate-williams-quartet.comWakefield Jazz 12/02/10Modern
Kate Williams Trio + Bobby Wellins  no website link - Search GoogleDean Clough Jazz 6/03/09Modern
Kate Peters' Workshop of Singers 4/02/12Workshop
Kate Peters  www.kate-peters.comScarborough Jazz27/04/11Vocal Jazz
Kate Mellors & Frank Brooker with the Ken Butler Trio  no website link - Search GoogleJazz at the UCC 8/04/09Vocal Jazz
Karen Sharp Quintet  www.karensharp.netSheffield Jazz 24/09/10Modern
Karen Lake and Impressions Jazz Quintet Jazz Club 28/10/09Vocal Jazz
Kairos Quartet  www.kairosquartet.comSheffield Jazz 15/04/11Modern
Kairos 4tet Jazz Leeds 17/04/11Modern
Juxtavoices in the Park 4/09/11Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Just East Jazz30/11/11Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
Junior Giant Steps Jazz Truck Theatre24/07/09BeBop, Hard Bop
June Tabor and Band Assembly Room23/09/09Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
Juliet Kelly Quartet  www.julietkelly.comLescar Jazz Club 7/10/09Vocal Jazz
Julian Siegel Trio  no website link - Search GoogleLeeds Jazz 15/01/09Modern
Julian Joseph trio  www.julianjoseph.comWakefield Jazz 6/01/12Creative, Contemporary
Julian Arguelles Quartet  www.julianarguelles.comWakefield Jazz 11/10/13Creative, Contemporary
Julia Wray  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz22/08/12Creative, Contemporary
Jude Williams Group  no website link - Search GoogleJazz@The Glyde 21/02/13Vocal Jazz
Jucamaya  www.jucamaya.comJazz at the Lescar 3/03/10Modern
Joy Lorraine with Stan Reynolds Band  no website link - Search GoogleCullingworth Jazz Club10/04/13Vocal Jazz
Jose James Lubi & Sounds Like This10/04/13Vocal Jazz
Jonathan Gee & Larry Bartley Centre for Early Music 22/04/12Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Jonathan Bratoeff Quartet Jazz 14/05/10Modern
Jon Taylor Jazz21/03/12Modern
John Taylor solo piano in concert Jazz Leeds 4/10/12Creative, Contemporary
John Shillito's Select Six In The Spa 15/09/12Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
John Parricelli / Huw Warren 6/11/11Modern
John McKilock with the Jazz Collective  no website link - Search GoogleKeith Stutt (no web link) 16/10/09Modern
John Martin Quartet  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz 4/05/11Modern
John Law OPT Trio Jazz 26/10/12Creative, Contemporary
John Kelly Group Jazz 8/11/09Modern
John Etheridges Trio North  www.johnetheridge.comEnigma Music 1/12/09Blues
John Etheridge / Chris Garrick  www.johnetheridge.comNCEM 20/11/11Modern
John Etheridge  www.johnetheridge.comJazz at the Lescar31/03/10Modern
John Ellis  no website link - Search GoogleEnigma Music Ltd - Jazz Live! 6/01/09
John Donaldson Sextet plays the music of Bheki Mseleku  www.johndonaldson.orgSheffield Jazz 25/03/11Modern
John Bailey Duo  no website link - Search GooglePave 19/08/12Creative, Contemporary
John Arnesen's quartet Jazz Leeds 2/12/12Creative, Contemporary
Joel Purnell and the Resident Trio  www.joelpurnell.comScarborough Jazz14/04/10Modern
Joel Harrison Quintet  www.joelharrison.comLeeds Jazz 15/11/09BeBop, Hard Bop
Joel Frahm with the Mike Janisch Quintet  www.joelfrahm.comWakefield Jazz 20/03/09Modern
Joe's Allison trio + Tony Burkill Jazz Leeds 17/10/10Vocal Jazz
Joe Stilgoe Trio with Special Guest  www.joestilgoe.comWakefield Jazz 9/12/11Vocal Jazz
Jim Mullen Jazz Club 15/04/09Modern
Jim McIntoshs Jazzaholics at the Spa 23/07/11Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Jim Hart's Gemini Live Music Project 25/08/11Modern
Jim Corry Jazz12/10/11Modern
Jim Birkett  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz29/06/11Modern
Jiannis Pavlides Trio  www.jiannispavlidis.comJazz at Puzzle Hall 3/03/09Modern
Jez Platt Band Jazz 1/02/09Funk, Soul or Groove
Jez Hall Quartet featuring Pete Churchill  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz Leeds 9/06/13Modern
Jez Franks' Compassionate Dictatorship Jazz 21/05/10Modern
Jerry Bergonzi Saxophone Masterclass  www.jerrybergonzi.comLeeds College of Music29/10/10Masterclass
Jenny Smith, Jack Airey & the Ken Butler Trio  no website link - Search GoogleJazz at the UCC 11/02/09Vocal Jazz
Jenny Smith & Katie Hawcutt at the Undercliffe11/07/12Vocal Jazz
Jenni Molloys Bach ReLoaded  www.jellymouldjazz.netBradford Cathedral6/11/09Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
Jeff Barnhart's Mystical Midlanders  no website link - Search GoogleJazz In The Spa 1/09/12Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Jeff Barnhart + Spats Langham  no website link - Search GoogleJazz in the Spa 31/08/13Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Jean Toussaint with the Dagda quartet Jazz Leeds 29/04/12Creative, Contemporary
JazzXtraSpeziale - Ruby Wood and Elements 16/10/09Modern
Jazz with Benson Burner - Tribute to George Benson Festival6/05/10
Jazz vocal workshop with Louise Gibbs City Council 15/07/10
Jazz Jam - Sam Dunn Quartet Svarc 19/06/12Open Mic or Jam Session
Jazz Aesthetic  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz30/03/11Modern
Jazz & Dr. Johnson Jazz13/04/11Modern
Jay Phelps Quintet with specal guest Jazz 4/03/11Modern
Jay Davis Quartet  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz 4/07/12Creative, Contemporary
Java with Jamie Taylor Jazz Leeds 21/11/10Modern
Jamil Sheriff's Matinee Project  no website link - Search GoogleBig City Jazz 22/08/09
Jamil Sheriff Big Band College of Music13/10/10Big Band
Jamie Toms Quintet  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz 6/07/11Modern
Jamie Taylor / Russ Henderson Jazz 7/08/13Creative, Contemporary
Jamie Taylor  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz17/08/11Modern
James Morton's Pork Chop Clough Music11/11/10Funk, Soul or Groove
James Mainwaring Trio  no website link - Search GoogleThe Wardrobe 12/08/10Modern
James Mainwaring Quintet  www.jamesmainwaring.comSela Bar 21/02/11Modern
James Lancaster & The Jazz Offspring  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz31/07/13Modern
James Hamilton Jazz Orchestra Jazz 21/10/11Big Band
Jam Jam at Sela: Riley Stone-Lonergan  no website link - Search GoogleSela Bar 22/01/13Creative, Contemporary
Jaipur Maharaja Brass Band  www.jaipurmaharajabrassband.comJ-Night supported by Hull City Council 21/07/11Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
Jacqui Wicks: Vintage Live  www.jacquiwicks.comSquare Chapel Centre for the Arts 19/08/10Vocal Jazz
Jacqui Wicks Quartet  www.jacquiwicks.comJazz at the Lescar 1/09/10Vocal Jazz
Jacqui Dankworth  www.jacquidankworth.comChris Powls 17/09/11Vocal Jazz
Jackson-Hoggard Sextet  no website link - Search GoogleJATP 10/07/09BeBop, Hard Bop
Jack DeJohnette Group  www.jackdejohnette.comHoward Assembly Rooms14/11/12Creative, Contemporary
JJ Wheeler Quintet Jazz Leeds 6/03/11Modern
JD73  www.jd73.comDJ Lubi (Lubi Jovanovic)5/02/12Funk, Soul or Groove
J Y Futures Double Bill ~ Matt Anderson Quartet and Aron Kyne's Yoruba Jazz 8/04/11Modern
Izzy Flynn and Ben Lowman at the UCC 27/07/11Pub jazz, Standards
Ivo Neame Quintet  www.ivoneame.comSheffield Jazz 30/03/12Creative, Contemporary
Inseprio Inn Jazz Club (no web link) 8/11/09Modern
Ingram - Walker - Taylor  no website link - Search GoogleJazz at the Lescar27/01/10Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Inclusion Principle, Archer / Collins / Jasnoch trio 6/06/10Cutting-edge + Improvisation
ImprovFest13: MWAMBA/ KANE/ BLACKMORE Jazz Leeds 21/04/13Cutting-edge + Improvisation
ImprovFest13: Dave Kane Quartet  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz Leeds 28/04/13Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Impressions Quintet Lake Jazz 26/09/10Vocal Jazz
Impressions Jazz Quintet at the Picture House2/02/09Vocal Jazz
Impressions Jazz 10/05/09Big Band
Ikestra Lubi (Lubi Jovanovic)19/02/12Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
Ian Shaw and Georgia Mancio Jazz Leeds 21/02/13Vocal Jazz
Ian Shaw  www.ianshaw.bizScarborough Jazz Festival24/09/10
Ian Royal  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz14/08/13Modern
Ian Chalk and Al Morrison  www.ianchalk.netScarborough Jazz 6/01/10Modern
Iain Dixon/Mike Walker Quintet Jazz 28/09/12Creative, Contemporary
Iain Ballamys Anorak  www.ballamy.comWakefield Jazz 27/02/09Modern
Iain Ballamy & Stian Carstensen The Little Radio  www.ballamy.comWakefield Jazz 25/01/13Creative, Contemporary
IMOWI Launch Concert at HEART 20/07/12Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
Huun-Huur-Tu North 5/04/09Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
Huddersfield University Big Band  no website link - Search GoogleLawrence Batley Jazz19/02/10Big Band
Howard Walker Quintet  no website link - Search GoogleJazz at the Lescar 2/12/09Vocal Jazz
Howard Alden and Jeanne Gies Jazz Leeds 12/04/12Modern
Howard Alden Trio with Jean Gies  howardalden.comSeven Jazz Leeds 28/04/11Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Hot House Hooters In The Spa 25/08/12Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Home of the Brave  no website link - Search GoogleJATP 5/03/10Modern
Homage to Louis Armstrong Jazz 27/02/09Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Hermeto+ (special edition) Jazz 25/10/09
Heavy Horns  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz 5/06/13Creative, Contemporary
Heads South Jazz 7/12/12Latin, Bossa or Salsa
Harry Strutter's Hot Rhythm Orchestra In The Spa 23/03/13Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Harry Orme Quintet  no website link - Search GoogleJazz@The Glyde 10/01/13Creative, Contemporary
Harrogate Youth Jazz Orchestra - Jazz Alfresco Festival  no website link - Search GoogleGrassington Festival21/06/09
Harris / Smith Septet  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz 14/06/09Modern
Harlem Hot Stompers  no website link - Search GoogleJazz In The Spa 15/12/12Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Hannes Riepler Trio Bar 4/12/12Creative, Contemporary
Hannah Northedge band Inn Jazz Club22/03/09Vocal Jazz
Halcyon Quartet + Eyes Shut Tight Spin Off 31/03/11Cutting-edge + Improvisation
HAQ at the Lescar 2/03/11Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Gypsy Jazz Convention  www.hotclub.nlJ-Night supported by Hull City Council 25/07/11Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Gwilym Simcock Trio  www.gwilymsimcock.comWakefield Live Music Project 1/10/11Modern
Gwilym Simcock / Klaus Gesing  www.gwilymsimcock.comSheffield Jazz 13/04/12Creative, Contemporary
Gwilym Simcock (National Centre for Early Music) 22/11/09
Graham Galtrey& Paul Sharpless  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz31/10/12Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Graham Galtrey & Ray Fletcher clarinet & sax play the Swingers  no website link - Search GoogleHulljazz 23/06/10Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Gogo Penguin Clough Music10/06/10Modern
Gloria Onitiri Quartet  www.jellymouldjazz.netOtley Courthouse 4/06/10Vocal Jazz
Gilad Atzmon's Orient House Ensemble Jazz 5/11/10Modern
Gilad Atzmon & the Orient House Ensemble Little Music Centre24/09/09Modern
Giant Steps / Organik Trio / Pave 28/12/08
Ghatak/Rochford/Downes  no website link - Search GoogleDean Clough 24/10/12Creative, Contemporary
Get The Blessing Jazz 22/03/13Creative, Contemporary
Gerad Presencer of York24/10/09Big Band
Georgina Barr & Jack Airey Cricket Club25/01/12Vocal Jazz
Georgina Barr & Alexis Cairns at the Undercliffe27/06/12Vocal Jazz
Georgia Mancio Quintet  www.georgiamancio.comWakefield Jazz 14/05/10Vocal Jazz
George Huxley's Jazz band in the Spa 17/10/09Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Geoff Simkins Quartet Jazz 18/11/11Modern
Geoff Gascoyne's Pop Bop with Trudy Kerr Jazz 4/06/10BeBop, Hard Bop
Geoff Eales New Trio  www.geoffeales.comWakefield Jazz 13/11/09Modern
General Cluster  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz 1/09/10Modern
Gary Reader Moja Quartet Jazz 14/08/13Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Gary Potter / Jamie Taylor Trio  www.garypottermusic.comJazz at the Lescar21/07/10Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Gary Boyle Trio at Puzzle Hall31/03/09Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
Gary Boyle at the Lescar13/07/11Modern
Garforth Jazz Rock Band  no website link - Search GoogleBig City Jazz 22/08/09
Gareth Williams Power Trio Jazz 24/04/09Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Gareth Lockrane's Grooveyard  www.garethlockrane.comWakefield Jazz 25/03/11BeBop, Hard Bop
GHQ Inn Jazz Club26/04/09Modern
Fruit Tree Project with Tony Birkhill Allerton Festival6/09/09
Fruit Tree Project at the Lescar24/03/10Funk, Soul or Groove
Froy Aagre Quartet  www.froyaagre.comDean Clough Jazz19/11/09Modern
Freetime Old Dixie Jassband In The Spa 13/10/12Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Freddie Garner Quartet  no website link - Search GoogleLescar Jazz Club 26/08/09Modern
Fred Wesley and the CTI Project  funkyfredwesley.comRath Trombones 18/07/12Funk, Soul or Groove
Fred Hersch  www.fredhersch.comLeeds College of Music9/10/12Creative, Contemporary
Frank Harrison Trio  www.frankharrison.netWakefield Jazz 17/02/12Creative, Contemporary
Frank Brooker's Happy Chappies  no website link - Search GoogleJazz in the Spa 26/06/10Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Frank Brooker  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz20/04/11Modern
Fluff  no website link - Search GoogleJazz at the Lescar 3/04/13Creative, Contemporary
Five Pieces of Silver Jazz 18/10/09Latin, Bossa or Salsa
First Circle Fusion Jazz Club 8/04/09Funk, Soul or Groove
First Circle at the Lescar 4/08/10Modern
Firefly Jazz Leeds 6/11/11Modern
Fini Bearman Quartet Jazz Leeds 30/10/11Vocal Jazz
Farrago Members of the University of York Jazz Orchestra  no website link - Search GoogleNCEM (National Centre for Early Music) 22/11/09Big Band
Farrago  no website link - Search GoogleLate Music at NCEM21/11/10weekend
Eyes Shut Tight  www.paulbaxtermusic.comJATPJazz 4/11/11Modern
Eyeball  no website link - Search GoogleWortley Hall 19/06/09Vocal Jazz
Evan Clegg Quartet Bar 20/11/12Creative, Contemporary
Evan Christopher: Django a la Creole  www.clarinetroad.netDean Clough Music29/05/10Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
European Union Quartet at the Lescar28/07/10Modern
Eugene Chadbourne  www.eugenechadbourne.comNotes & Sounds 12/09/10Modern
Esther Miller Band Jazz 21/10/09Vocal Jazz
Esk Valley Jazz Band  no website link - Search GoogleJazz in the Spa 14/11/09Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Enrico Tomasso + Robert Fowler + Tom Kincaid Trio In The Spa 4/08/12Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Enrico Pieranunzi Trio  www.enricopieranunzi.comWakefield Jazz 16/11/12Modern
Emma Smith Quartet / Reuben Fowler Septet Double Bill  no website link - Search GoogleWakefield Jazz 20/05/11Vocal Jazz
Emily Brown and Sean Hollis at the UCC 22/06/11Pub jazz, Standards
Ella Rooke and Jack Airey with the Ken Butler Trio at the UCC 25/11/09Vocal Jazz
Eirik Svela trio  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz Leeds 15/09/13Creative, Contemporary
Eduardo Niebla Duo  www.eduardoniebla.comArtery Live 21/05/10Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
Eddie Martell and the Ronnie Bottomley Jazz Orchestra WMC 13/12/12Big Band
Ed Jones / Damon Brown Killer Shrimp Jazz 12/11/10Modern
Echo Leeds Presents: Great American Songbook  no website link - Search GoogleLeeds College of Music6/07/13Big Band
EDUARDO NIEBLA - flamenco jazz virtuoso  www.eduardoniebla.comNational Centre for Early Music 22/06/12Latin, Bossa or Salsa
Dylan Howe Quintet  www.dylanhowe.comWakefield Jazz 13/01/12Creative, Contemporary
Dylan Howe Quartet  www.dylanhowe.comWakefield Jazz 4/02/11BeBop, Hard Bop
Duology + 2 and Sounds12/11/09Modern
Duke Ellington Big Band, UK Mingus Collective Jazz 26/04/09Big Band
Dudley Nesbitt and Pan Jumby@Seven Arts  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz Leeds 22/12/13Latin, Bossa or Salsa
Dudley Nesbitt Big Calypso Band Jazz Leeds 3/11/11Latin, Bossa or Salsa
Druce & Jones  www.whyandwherefores.comSlaithwaite Bandroom & Marsden Jazz Festival22/09/12Blues
Downside Up  no website link - Search GoogleJazz at the Lescar 5/01/11Modern
Doncaster Youth Jazz Orchestra  www.dyja.infoGrimsby Jazz 18/12/08
Donal Donnelly\'s Enfused Cafe, Northallerton25/05/09Smooth Jazz
Don Weller Quartet Jazz 19/02/10BeBop, Hard Bop
Don Weller - Bobby Wellins Quintet  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz 10/12/09BeBop, Hard Bop
Dominic Moore's kitchen band Jazz Leeds 25/09/11Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Dominic J Marshall Trio  no website link - Search GoogleJazz at the Lescar13/02/13Creative, Contemporary
Dog Soup Jazz 21/05/10Modern
Djangonauts Jazz 15/05/11Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Djangologie in the Spa 21/09/13Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Django Bates Beloved Jazz 29/11/12Creative, Contemporary
Dizzy Club at the Lescar18/08/10Funk, Soul or Groove
Disassembler Jazz 5/10/12Creative, Contemporary
Dinner Music for Hungary Cannibals  www.rinkadon.netFuseleeds 27/04/09
Dhafer Youssef  www.dhaferyoussef.comHoward Assembly Room Jazz 11/03/10Modern
Derrick Harris Trio@Inkwell Arts Jazz Leeds 13/10/13BeBop, Hard Bop
Denys Baptiste Quartet College of Music26/11/09Modern
Dennis Rollins' Velocity Trio  www.dennisrollins.comJunction 2/06/12Modern
Dennis Rollins  www.dennisrollins.comJ-Night supported by Hull City Council 23/07/11Funk, Soul or Groove
Deirdre Cartwright quartet and duo with Kathy Dyson  www.deirdrecartwright.comWakefield Jazz 1/05/09Modern
Deirdre Cartwright Band  www.deirdrecartwright.comSheffield Jazz 8/05/09Modern
Declan Forde Trio  no website link - Search GoogleThe Cooler at Sela 4/03/13Creative, Contemporary
Dean Masser at the Lescar 7/07/10Modern
David Newton All Star Sextet  www.davidnewton.netWakefield Jazz 22/05/09Modern
David Gibson, James Burton III and Michael Dease  www.jazzbone.orgRath Trombones 19/08/10Modern
Dave Smyth's Timecraft Cooler at Sela17/06/13Creative, Contemporary
Dave OHiggins Quintet featuring Eric Alexander  www.daveohiggins.comSheffield Jazz 27/03/09Modern
Dave Newton Trio  www.davidnewton.netHowden Live 28/02/09Modern
Dave Motts Jazz Classics plus Suzanne  no website link - Search GoogleJazz in the Spa 20/06/09Pub jazz, Standards
Dave Hamblett Group  no website link - Search GoogleJazz at the Lescar27/02/13Creative, Contemporary
Dave Green/Barry Green duo with Henry Lowther Jazz 4/09/13Creative, Contemporary
Dave Challis Jazz 6/12/11Modern
Darren Altman's Centre-Line Jazz 16/04/10Modern
Darius Brubeck Quartet  www.dariusbrubeck.comLeeds College of Music18/11/09Modern
Damon Browns International Quintet Jazz 2/03/12Creative, Contemporary
Damon Brown International Band - UGETSU - feat. Yutaka Shiina Jazz 9/03/12Mainstream
Dale Storr of Sheffield Real Music and Real Ale24/04/10
Dagda Quartet featuring Jean Toussaint Jazz 27/04/12Creative, Contemporary
Dagda Quartet 20/02/11Modern
DYJA Big Band Festival 2011  www.dyja.infoDoncaster Youth Jazz Association 28/12/11Big Band
DREAD SUPREME WITH RICHARD ORMROD Jazz Leeds 21/07/13Funk, Soul or Groove
DJ Ruckspin + guest Spin Off 15/10/09Electronic
D.B. Toots  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz 10/01/10Latin, Bossa or Salsa
Courtney Pine CBE Tradition in Transition - a homage to Sidney Bechet Jazz Festival 29/08/09
Contemporary Jazz Orchestra with Kenny Wheeler and Norma Winstone College of Music19/05/09Modern
Compassionate Dictatorship College of Music4/02/09Modern
Colin Hodgkinson and Jazz Leeds 14/06/13Blues
Colin Byrne's Leeds Jazz Orchestra Jazz 4/03/12Big Band
Colin Byrne Jazz Leeds 3/03/12Workshop
Coastguard All Stars / Michael Szpakowski / ORFEO 5  www.somedancersandmusicians.comDiscus-Music 3/12/11Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Clive Carroll Chapel Centre for the Arts 3/11/13Creative, Contemporary
Cleve Freckleton Band Jovanovic 11/03/12Funk, Soul or Groove
Cleethorpes Jazz Festival  www.grimsbyjazz.comGrimsby Jazz 1/07/11
Claude Werner Quartet  claudewerner.comJazz at the Lescar 5/05/10Modern
Clark Tracey Quartet  www.clarktracey.comSheffield Jazz 20/11/09Modern
Clare Teal and her Musicians Truck Theatre26/04/09Vocal Jazz
Clare Teal and Friends International Festivals 30/07/11Vocal Jazz
Claire Mooney Batley Jazz20/06/09Vocal Jazz
Claire Martin with the Nikki Iles Trio  www.clairemartinjazz.comWakefield Jazz 1/11/13Vocal Jazz
Claire Martin with Jim Mullen & Gareth Williams  www.clairemartinjazz.comKula Productions 22/08/09Vocal Jazz
Claire James Trio  www.clairejames.bandcamp.comJATPjazz 6/04/12Creative, Contemporary
Claire Colbran and Matt Anderson Jazz16/10/13Vocal Jazz
Christine Tobin Band Jazz 19/10/12Creative, Contemporary
Christian Wallumrd Ensemble College of Music21/11/12Creative, Contemporary
Christian Brewer ~ Andrea Pozza Quartet  www.christianbrewer.comWakefield Jazz 1/03/13BeBop, Hard Bop
Chris White Trio  no website link - Search GoogleThe Harrogate Brasserie3/07/09Pub jazz, Standards
Chris Pearces Frenchman Street Jazz Band In The Spa 30/06/12Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Chris McNulty / Paul Bollenbach band + support from Ben Mallinder band  www.chrismcnulty.comWakefield Jazz 2/10/09Vocal Jazz
Chris Hodgkins/Matt Anderson Jazz 4/04/12Smooth Jazz
Chris Flaherty/Jade Harris  no website link - Search GoogleJazz at the Lescar 8/05/13Vocal Jazz
Chris Biscoe Quartet Jazz 28/01/11Modern
Chris Allard Band Jazz 11/05/12Creative, Contemporary
Cheshire Cats with Amy Roberts  no website link - Search GoogleJazz in the Spa 23/05/09Modern
Cherie Gears, Tony Denton and the Ken Butler Trio  www.cheriegears.comJazz at the UCC 24/02/10Vocal Jazz
Cherie Gears with the Derrick Harris Organ Trio  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz 22/02/09Modern
Cherie Gears and her band  no website link - Search GoogleJazz Connection 16/10/09Vocal Jazz
Charlie Hunter Duo  www.charliehunter.comLeeds Jazz 21/11/09Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Charlestown Jazz Band in the Spa 28/09/13Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Charles McPherson College of Music13/10/12BeBop, Hard Bop
Charanga del Norte  www.charangasue.comSeven Jazz Leeds 13/05/10Latin, Bossa or Salsa
Chapel Allerton Festival Jazz Sunday Allerton Festival Jazz Sunday 5/09/10
Chameleon Music 24/11/09Funk, Soul or Groove
Cecilia Stalin band with Tony Kofi  www.ceciliastalin.comWakefield Jazz 25/05/12Vocal Jazz
Catatumbo + Ollie Dover - Seth Bennett Duo Playhouse8/11/10Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Cat Leghard at the Lescar17/02/10Vocal Jazz
Cask Inn Jazz Christmas Party  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz16/12/09Open Mic or Jam Session
Carol Kidd MBE and her Musicians Jazz Festival 30/08/09
Carlos Lopez-Real's Mandorla Jazz 15/05/09Modern
Carl Sinclair Boogie Band in the Spa 14/09/13Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Cannonball Express  no website link - Search GoogleJazz at the Lescar16/12/09BeBop, Hard Bop
CHRIS FLAHERTY QUINTET  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz Leeds 14/04/13Modern
C-Bop  no website link - Search GoogleLescar Jazz Club 18/03/09BeBop, Hard Bop
By The Way  www.matthewbourne.comEnigma Music 16/06/09Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Butcher/Robair/Hession  www.bangthebore.orgBang The Bore 3/05/12Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Burton Agnes Jazz and Blues Festival - Day 3  no website link - Search GoogleBurton Agnes Jazz and Blues Festival 8/08/10
Bugalu Foundation + Thabo & The Real Deal + Stop Motion Trio  www.bugalufoundation.comDJ Lubi 9/11/12Funk, Soul or Groove
Brubecks play Brubeck PART 2  brubeckbrothers.comBradford Theatres21/11/11BeBop, Hard Bop
Brownfield-Byrne Quintet 5/10/12BeBop, Hard Bop
Brothers on the Slide Wardrobe, Leeds31/07/09Vocal Jazz
Brian Kellock and Julian Arguelles  www.briankellock.comScarborough Jazz Festival25/09/10
Brian Acton at the Lescar18/07/12Vocal Jazz
Brendan Duffy's  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz Leeds 28/07/13Modern
Brass Jaw A Capella Horns Jazz 16/10/09Modern
Brandon Allen / Quentin Collins Quartet Jazz 19/04/13BeBop, Hard Bop
Brand X All Star Band  www.woodvillerecords.comWakefield Jazz 8/10/10BeBop, Hard Bop
Bourbon y Tequila  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz 14/02/10Latin, Bossa or Salsa
Bones and the Boys  no website link - Search GoogleHeadingley Festival6/05/10
Bobby Wellins & Kate Williams: Recording Live Clough 17/11/11Modern
Bob Birch Organ Trio  no website link - Search GoogleOl' Penny Jazz (no web link) 12/11/09Modern
Bluesfest13: JAMES O HARA BLUES BAND Jazz Leeds 16/06/13Blues
Blue Magnolia Jass Orchestra In The Spa 23/02/13Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Blue Harlem (National Centre for Early Music) 21/11/09
Blue Commotion  www.zoeshwartz.infoScarborough Jazz20/03/13Vocal Jazz
Blue Banana  no website link - Search GoogleLescar Jazz Club 5/08/09Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
Blowing a Fuse: George Raggatt Ellington Big Band, Fused (Education Project), Colin Byrne UK Mingus  www.fuseleeds.comFuseleeds 26/04/09
Billy Buckley Trio at the Lescar 8/12/10Blues
Bill Goyder Quartet Jazz Festival18/09/10
Bill Cross Big Band  no website link - Search GoogleYeadon Cricket Club (no web link) 1/01/70Big Band
Big band festival  www.dyja.infoDoncaster Youth Jazz Association 29/12/10Big Band
Big City Jazz Latino Night  no website link - Search GoogleBig City Jazz 21/08/09
Beverley Beirne with the Graham Hearn Trio and Sarah Chaplin  no website link - Search GoogleJazz at the UCC 10/11/10Vocal Jazz
Beverley Beirne 15/09/11Vocal Jazz
Benn Clatworthy and his quartet  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz Leeds 8/11/12BeBop, Hard Bop
Benn Clatworthy and Cecilia Coleman jazz workshop Jazz 30/10/10Workshop
Benjamin Moussay trio
Ben Powling Quintet Jazz 31/07/13Creative, Contemporary
Ben Martin Quartet at the Lescar31/08/11Modern
Ben Lowman's Django Project Jazz Leeds 15/01/12Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Ben Crosland's Threeway Jazz 19/11/10Modern
Ben Bettie Sextet, Ian Chalk Quartet, Bejazzled, Encouraging the Loony, Swan Quartet, Mardi Gras Jazz Band Review for Haiti (no web link) 8/02/10
Ben Beattie Quintet  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz13/01/10Modern
Ben Beattie Jazz11/05/11Modern
Belle Quintet  no website link - Search GoogleGrove Inn Jazz Club13/02/11Modern
Beck/Bennett/Hunter/Fletcher Jazz 10/07/13Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Bebop Spoken Here! Festival7/05/10
Beats and Pieces Big Band Jazz Club 14/10/09Big Band
Bateman Brothers Jazz Band in the Spa 9/11/13Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Batchelor, Melford, Sanders  no website link - Search GoogleLeeds Jazz 26/11/09Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Bassekou Kouyate Assembly Room24/10/09Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
Bassa Bassa Bassa 13/12/08
Basquiat Strings with Seb Rochford Assembly Room at Opera North 4/12/10Modern
Barry Whitfield Experience  no website link - Search GoogleGrimsby Jazz 25/01/09Modern
Barry Green Quartet at the Lescar21/01/09Modern
Barnes / Adams Quintet with Sara Colman Jazz 11/12/09Modern
Barker & Shaw at the Movies II  no website link - Search GoogleWakefield Jazz 6/02/09Modern
Badazzbo  no website link - Search GoogleLescar Jazz Club 22/07/09Modern
BEVERLEY BEIRNE QUINTET  no website link - Search GoogleJazz at the Lescar 8/08/12Vocal Jazz
BBC Big Band International Festivals 8/07/11Big Band
Avalon Trio  www.tonywoods1.wordpress.comDean Clough 10/06/11Modern
Autumn 2012 Seven Jazz cafe  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz Leeds 25/11/12Open Mic or Jam Session
Aubin Vanns Trio  no website link - Search GoogleWakefield Jazz 15/06/12Creative, Contemporary
Aspects of Jazz  no website link - Search GoogleThe Harrogate Brasserie5/07/09Vocal Jazz
Asaf Sirkis Trio - afternoon workshop Jazz Leeds 9/04/11Workshop
Asaf Sirkis Trio Music 17/11/09Modern
Arun Ghosh Quartet  www.arunghosh.comSAA-uk 28/01/11Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
Arthurs/Holby/Ritchie + Dave Kane's Rabbit Project Jazz 6/10/09Cutting-edge + Improvisation
Art Theman and Dave Newton in concert@Seven Arts  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz Leeds 21/11/13BeBop, Hard Bop
Arnie Somogyi's Ambukance Jazz 24/02/12Creative, Contemporary
Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra supported by Hull City Council 30/07/11Funk, Soul or Groove
Aquarium  no website link - Search GoogleJazz at the Lescar 1/05/13Creative, Contemporary
Apitos Jazz 6/12/13Latin, Bossa or Salsa
Anton Hunter Trio  no website link - Search GoogleJazz at the Lescar17/04/13Creative, Contemporary
Antique Six Jazz Band  www.antiquesixjazzband.comJazz in the Spa 5/06/10Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Ant Law Jazz27/03/13Creative, Contemporary
Anna Sullivan & Darren Bromley with the Ken Butler Trio  no website link - Search GoogleJazz at the UCC 25/03/09Vocal Jazz
Anita Wardell Quartet  www.anitawardell.comSeven Jazz Leeds 25/03/10Vocal Jazz
Anita Wardell  www.anitawardell.comWakefield Jazz 9/01/09Vocal Jazz
Andy Woodhead Quartet Wardrobe 19/08/10Modern
Andy Sheppard's Saxophone Massive 25/04/09
Andy Schofield / Jo McCallum Jazz Orchestra at the Lescar 9/12/09Big Band
Andy Panayi / Mark Nightingale quartet Jazz 9/10/09Modern
Andy Cholerton Trio 7/05/10Modern
Andrew Colman Quartet  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz18/02/09Modern
Andrew Coleman/Jami Sherriff Quartet  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz 3/07/11Modern
Andrea Vicari and Jazz Ex Tempore  www.andreavicari.comScarborough Jazz23/10/13Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
An Evening with Ella Fitzgerald  www.aneveningwith.bizSeven Jazz 10/04/09Vocal Jazz
Amy Roberts Band in the Spa 17/08/13Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Ambulance Jazz 10/02/12Creative, Contemporary
Alyn Cosker Trio with Seamus Blake Jazz 29/01/10Modern
Allison Neale Quintet  www.allisonneale.comWakefield Jazz 6/12/13Modern
Alexis Cairns Quartet 26/08/12Modern
Alex Wilson and his Salsa Con Soul Orchestra  no website link - Search GoogleBig City Jazz 21/08/09
Alex Watson's "Pursuance" Jazz Leeds 20/02/11Modern
Alex Merritt / Sam Leak Quartet Cooler at Sela Bar17/10/11Modern
Alex Hutton's Legentis  www.alexhuttonusic.comWakefield Jazz 17/05/13Creative, Contemporary
Alex Hutton Trio  no website link - Search GoogleSheffield Jazz 10/05/13Creative, Contemporary
Alex Garnett's Bunch of Fives Jazz 22/11/13Creative, Contemporary
Alejandro Ziegler Tango Quartet  www.alejandroziegler.comJ-Night 13/03/11Latin, Bossa or Salsa
Alec Robinson trio with Ben Lowman Jazz Leeds 18/09/11Modern
Alec Robinson Trio  no website link - Search GoogleThe Wardrobe 5/08/10Modern
Alec Dankworth's 'Spanish Accents'  www.alecdankworth.comRichmond Jazz Festival20/09/09
Alcyona Mick quartet and Blink trio Jazz 6/03/09Modern
Alastair Laurence Quartet  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz24/08/11Modern
Alan Skidmore with the Ben Crosland Quartet  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz20/07/11Modern
Alan Gresty and Brian White Ragtimers Jazz Band  no website link - Search GoogleBig City Jazz 23/08/09
Alan Barnes/ Bruce Adams 5  www.alanbarnesjazz.comSheffield Jazz 11/10/13Modern
Alan Barnes-Bruce Adams Quintet Jazz Leeds 10/10/13Modern
Alan Barnes's "Ellingtonians" Jazz 12/11/09Big Band
Al Wood Nine  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz Leeds 4/11/12Modern
Al Wood & Trevor Vincent  no website link - Search GoogleScarborough Jazz19/09/12Creative, Contemporary
Al Wood & Stuart McDonald  NoneScarborough Jazz17/04/13Creative, Contemporary
Al Morrison's Blues Experience with Juliet Kelly supported by Hull City Council 29/07/11Blues
Al Macsween's sextet tribute to Moses Taiwa Molelekwa Jazz Leeds 27/05/12Creative, Contemporary
Al Macsween quartet featuring Gulliano Moderelli  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz 26/06/11Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
Adriano Adewale and Benjamim Taubkin  www.benjamimtaubkin.comNational Centre for Early Music 10/10/13Latin, Bossa or Salsa
Adrian Knowles' Mingus Music Quintet Jazz 26/06/09BeBop, Hard Bop
Adrian Ingram's Jazz Dawgs Jazz Club 1/07/09Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Adrian Byron Burns / Neil Kirton  no website link - Search GoogleJ-Night / Pave 21/12/08
Adam Glasser Quartet Jazz 1/02/12Creative, Contemporary
Acoustic Triangle, with the Royal Holloway Choir  N/ASwaledale Festival26/05/12
Acoustic Ladyland Wardrobe, Leeds10/12/09cutting edge
Abstract Hiphop Orchestra Lubi 4/10/13Funk, Soul or Groove
Abdullah Ibrahim - Ekaya Jazz International Festivals 3/07/11Modern
ANDY AITCHISON WITH DJANGONAUTS  www.andyaitchison.comJazz at the Lescar 9/05/12Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
AL Morrison's Blues Experience Jazz Leeds 13/06/13Blues
AKDE + TRIO RIOT  no website link - Search GoogleFUSEBOX 9/11/12Cutting-edge + Improvisation
AJ Nash Trio  www.ajnashmusic.comThe Cooler at Sela22/10/12Creative, Contemporary
AJ Brown & Echo 42 Big Band Theatre19/07/12Big Band
ACV at the Lescar20/07/11Modern
A Tribute to Atlantic Jazz at the Picture House2/03/09Funk, Soul or Groove
A Funny Valentine: A Tribute to Chet Baker  www.mikemaran.comScarborough Jazz Festival26/09/10
7 Pieces of Silver (5 + 2) City Council 15/07/10
52 Skidoo Courthouse25/06/10Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
5 Pieces of Silver with Louise Gibbs (makes 6) 6/11/09BeBop, Hard Bop
23Dave Shepherd/Roger Nobes/John Pearce/ Len Skeat  no website link - Search GoogleJazz In The Spa 23/06/12Swing, New Orleans, Hot Club
Slide by Slide - The Lee Hallam Quintet - A Tribute to the Music of J. J. Johnson and Kai Winding Picture House Jazz Club 5/07/10BeBop, Hard Bop
Joe's Allison Inn Jazz Club24/05/09Modern
Fusion a taste of jazz, folk, flamenco, Africa and the East.  no website link - Search GoogleSquare Chapel Centre for the Arts 9/11/13Fusion with classical / folk / indian / arabic music
The Weave theweavemusic.comSeven Jazz Leeds 27/10/13Creative, Contemporary
The Impossible Gentlemen Jazz Leeds 19/10/13Creative, Contemporary
Room Darkener Rod Mason with Andy Cholerton Trio 24/04/12BeBop, Hard Bop
Remembering Emily - Deidre Cartwright's tribute to Emily Remler  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz 16/05/10Modern
Get the Jazz Leeds 21/03/13Creative, Contemporary
Atlantic! - a tribute to Atlantic records  no website link - Search GoogleSeven Jazz Leeds 27/01/13Funk, Soul or Groove